Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nike Basketball x Transformers II Pack- Zoom Sharkalaid- Soundwave

This pack is pretty creative!!!! Especially the boxes that they come in.. All of these kicks are coming very soon and will be @ the Hous Of Hoops & select Nike Basketball accounts. Via:Sneaker News

Nike Basketball x Transformers II Pack- Zoom FP(Fun Police)- Bumblebee

Nike Basketball x Transformers II Pack- Zoom Flight Club- Megatron


Monday, June 29, 2009

Air Jordan VI- January 2010

I'm very confused about this release!!! Some spots are saying that they're gonna be the black & infrared joints retroed, but others are saying that its just gonna be varsity red. I'm REALLY hoping that'll it'll be the retro of the black/infrared joints cause that would be a perfect way to start off the year...If not i'll still be happy!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Air Jordan High 1 Retro- Black Ostrich

Normally I woulld stamp this with a HELL NO due to the over abudance of the 1's that have dropped this year, but these are actually okay. I look at it like this if you don't have a black pair of shoes & like Jordans then this is for you!! These should drop early July..

Via:Sneaker News

Jay-Z- Death Of Autotune(Video)

Well it's good to see he finally cut his hair cause he was lookin' hella bummy..

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Long Live The King!!!!

I really want 1 of these!!!! This is 1 of the better tribute shirts i've seen for a deceased person... Neff did they thing with this on such a short notice.. R.I.P the King Of Pop!!!


To Infiniti & Beyond!!!!!!

If you can't tell this Nike SB bookbag draws inspiration from Toy Storys own Buzz Lightyear. I can def. see myself with this, but for $180 probably not anytime soon.... If you feel like me & you wanna cop it then click HERE.

The Greatest Basketball Player(Supossedly)

These are the limited edition t-shirts for the legend behind the legend, Leroy Smith.. Charli Murphy has taken this to a whole new level.. I don't really know where you can get em other then in D.C. @ Major, but i'm pretty sure you might find em at ya local boutiques.. Maybe... I wouldn't be suprised if Jordan comes out with some Leroy Smith edition J's in the future.

Via:Freshness Mag