Friday, July 31, 2009

Air Jordan X- Chicago 45

These were suppose to drop last year the pack with the 13's(the joints that came out instead are in the last 2 pics), but I guessed they wanted to save em for a later date. Well that later date is March on next year. Hopefully not too many changes will be made to em, but only time will tell.

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Custom Sneaker Option In NBA 2K10

This is 1 of the MANY reasons that the 2K series is better than NBA Live!!!Via:Nice Kicks

Overdoz- "Hollywood"

I love this song!!! Plus the girls in the slide show are bad as hell!!!

Air Jordan VII DMP 60+ Pack

Solid pack in my book especially the Raptors colorway..Damn I hate being broke!!!! These drop August,22nd going for about $310...

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Nike SB "Today Was A Good Day' Full Commercial

This has to be the best commercial i've seen in a while!!! Perfect timing too since P-Rod is skating in the X-Gamse this year..

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Air Jordan Retro XI- Space Jam

I don't even need to say anything about these, but the release date: November,27th(BLACK FRIDAY!!!).. The pricetag is $175 so start saving up now!!! Sidenote: I am worried about the 23 on the back cause it looks like it'll peel off eventually.

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Maestro Knows- Episode 2(Berlin)

Maestro Knows - Episode 2 (Berlin) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.

Nike SB P-Rod 3 Promotional Box

Aw man I was excited yesterday!! Appearently this box is just promotional and will be limited to only 500 worldwide.. I wonder how much it'll cost???Via:High Snobiety

Cazal x TI$A 951 Sunglasses

I've been following TI$A's clothing line for a couple of months now & i'm still tryna figure out what stores can you get his clothes from.. If you don't know TI$A TOSA is 1 of the cats that kick it with Kanye. He rocks the "Hood Love" finger rings.. Anyway, these are hot, btu there's no way in HELL i'm paying $714 for em!! If you feel other-wise then you can click HERE.Via:Hypebeast

Supra TK Society X-Games Edition

1st off I would like to say that i've been watching the X-Games since it came on Today & it's worth the wait!!! I hope TK is in the street skate competition.. The pink joints are a lil too much for me, but I have a Marvin the Matrian t-shirt that would go perfect with the green joints so i'm kinda eyein em. No word on the release date yet.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Detailed Pics!!!! Air Jordan XII Retro- Flu Game

I had to show ya'll the detailed pics of these beauties!!! Shouts out to MarqueeSole for taking the pics & sharing em with everyone.

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Diamond Supply Co. x DVS JDubbs

I like the way these look plus the Tiffany blue kills it. A winner in my book!! These come out in January to celebrate Nicky Diamonds birthday who is from Diamond Supply.

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Nike SB Zoom Paul Rodriguez 3 (P-Rod III)- Black/Red

I posted these up awhile back when they were released in kid sizes.. Well i'm pleased to announce that they're coming out in men sizes the fall. I'm loving the wooding SB box with the bag in the inside!! Reminds me of Prada or Louis kicks..

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Lisa Turtle!!!

I've been in love with her & in my mind we're gonna get married 1 day!!!! She's the only reason I watch Saved By The Bell lol.. I don't read People Magazine, but I saw this cover & had to post it!!

Air Jordan XII Flu Game

I swear I just found out about these a week ago!!! I'm excitied for these to drop just like the Space Jams, but I wish they came out in seperate months... This is the shoe that Jordan played sick in 1997 when he had the infamous stomach virus. Instead of the regular black leather these are gonna have nubuck instead I guess being a way to tell the OG's apart from the retro's. These also have a sick face on the tongue between the year and how many points he dropped. These come out in November, but there's no official date yet. Oh yea if you wanna pay extra for em, OSneaker has a size 11 running for $275.

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