Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Well It's Here!!!!!

I just got the mixtape hand delivered personally from Richie Rich himself!!! Sorry this wasn't up earlier, but some last minute things had to be taken care of...This is his first of many mixtapes to come this year so be on the lookout... This joint is a banger so be sure to download it now!!!Click the pic above to download mixtape.

Click the pic to download the mixtape!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

How Many Banned Clips Of Family Guy Are There???

Well here's another 1 .. Enjoy!!

Video Provided by DatPiff.com

The Blogging Circuit Is Kinda Slow Soooooo..

I'll just post up a throwback video I saw today while watching MTV Jams.. It's Atlanta music week on there so i'm sure i'll see plenty more videos that'll make me laugh.. ATL stand up!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Only 1 More Day!!!!!

Until Richie Rich's "1st Times A Charm" Mixtape is released!!!! This my homeboy's 1st mixtape so it's sure to be interesting.... I want everybody that looks at my blog to download the mixtape on Tuesday!!!!Oh yea I made the mixtape cover!!!!

A Video That Makes Me Laugh.. Real Talk!!!

The song is funny as hell.. But the best part starts @ 3:10

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Step ya purse game up!!!! This is from the Gucci Hysteria Collection.. I meant to post this up about a week ago, but I kept forgetting.. Anyways, this will run you $1360.

Via:C.O.C.A Style

Air Jordan 1 Hare Easter Pack

You can call these the "Lola Bunnys".. Fellas these would be perfect for ya lady while you rock other Hare's.. Well you might wanna hold on to that idea because as of now these are a children's release and are only coming out in grade school sizes.. Hopefully the people over at Jordan will show some love to the adults later on in the year.


N.E.R.D Performing "Soldier" On Jimmy Fallon

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Air Jordan 1 Premier-Hare

These are the best 1's that have come out so far next to the "A Tribe Called Quest" ones!!! The design came from the VII (7) "Hare"... The release date is set for April 11th which is pretty weird cause these pics jsut popped up not too long ago.. Figured they would pop up a lil bit earlier, but hey... The price is $110 for these bad boys.. I love that all Jordan 1's are pretty cheap.. Well compared to the other Jordans.

Via:Sneaker News

soe x Outdoor Products "Skateboarding Is Not A Crime" Backpack

It really isn't....


Waaayyyyy Out Of My League.. For Now

This is just sexy!! I had to post this up.. Going for a meer $1795, The Gucci 'G Chrono Collection' Watch is available now @ Nordstrom.

Not Everyone Will Understand This

If you know about Nike SB's then you'll recognize this pigeon anywhere!!! There's nothing special about the shirt other then the pigeon so I figured i'd post it for my sneakerheads.. You can cop the shirt now @ EastWestWorldWide.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You Be Up On Everything Other Hoe's Ain't Neva On It

This post is for ladies obviously... Just a couple of joints that could be killing the game.. Nothing like a girl with a mean shoe game!!!!
Designer:Alexander McQueen





Designer:Christian Louboutin
Designer:Christian Louboutin

Designer:Dolce & Gabbana

Designer:Giambattista Valli

Designer:Marc JacobsDesigner:MarnVia:LateBoots

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cause This Is Thriller!!!!!

Well not exaclty, more like Frankenstein... This is a new toy created by Medicom. I give this 2 thumbs up!!!!

Married to the Mob "The Heather Tee"

Available now @ Karmaloop

Nike Blazer High- Fall 2009 Preview

My favorite 1's are the joints with the claw rips on the side where the swoosh is suppose to be.

Via:Sneaker News

BBC Suede Chukka Shoes

I like these, but i'm trying to firgure out what can you wear with them???? Available now @ BBC/Ice Cream.

When You Get To That Point...

And you're soooo hungry that you start to sing LOL... I've never been to that point, but obviously Pharrell has... Check him out in at a McDonalds in Paris.

My Thoughts About College Hill South Beach

Well where should I start... How about the 1st espisode LOL. When I initially saw everyone my immediate favorites were Milan and Tiffany; Milan cause I love a girl that's a lil "stuck up" and Tiffany cause she just fine as hell!!! I think all the dudes will get along pretty well with the exception of Kyle cause he already blew up before they even reached the house.. I mean come on everybody can tell you gay so why make a big deal about it.. On to other things, the house is dope as hell!!!! Overall, the first episode was decent cause everyone still tryna get to know everyone before shit pop off.. Oh yeah as of now all the dudes in the house can forget tryna get a chick cause they all on Brandon LOL, which didn't suprise me, but hey I can't knock the game!!

On episode 2 that's when things started getting real freaky!!! Brandon was straight making his rounds and I can't blame him... Yo Terri is straight thirsty!!!! After the sex games she all on Brandon like he about to leave.. I think that she got attached too quick and it just didn't work in her favor. I will say that I like the way he flipped the game on her though by showing Tiffany some love the next day.. Overall, i'm glad College Hill is back cause i'm tires of all of these corny shows on T.V. Can't wait until next week!! Click HERE for pics of the 2nd episode.


Aw man what can I say about these??? I saw Terrance rocking the Texas Southern Hoodie on 106 & Park the other day and I had to hit the net to find out where he got it from... The name of the company is African American College Alliance(AACA). I've been spotting these hoodies in the black community every since I was a youngster.. Martin used to wear these on his show and just about every rapper had 1 in the early 90's... It's kinda bittersweet for me cause I love these hoodies, but at the same time they don't have 1 for Hampton University whcih kinda ticks me off... How the hell are they gonna have Norfolk State, but not Hampton???? Oh well, I don't care imma just get 1 without a specific college on it..I recommend that every kid that goes to a HBCU should have 1 of these!!! The hoodies go for $150.. Click HERE to go to the official site.