Thursday, March 26, 2009

Air Jordan 1 Premier-Hare

These are the best 1's that have come out so far next to the "A Tribe Called Quest" ones!!! The design came from the VII (7) "Hare"... The release date is set for April 11th which is pretty weird cause these pics jsut popped up not too long ago.. Figured they would pop up a lil bit earlier, but hey... The price is $110 for these bad boys.. I love that all Jordan 1's are pretty cheap.. Well compared to the other Jordans.

Via:Sneaker News


  1. this nike shoes are hot! I love you new picture (LV angel jay). My Bots brand have a new logo but I don't want to load it up only when it come out on clothes! reply to my blog. respect

  2. I HAVE to get those! your blog is dope!