Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sneaker Friends 2011

Atlanta's own Greg Street never dissapoints when it comes to the sneakers so it shouldn't be a surprise as to how epic this year's Sneaker Friends will be. This is a lil promo called the Top 8 At 8 showing off some pretty nice kicks while inside the newsest boutique to grace the streets of Atlanta, Fly Kix. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Hundreds 2011 Summer Lookbook

Straying away from their skatboarding roots a lil bit The Hundreds gave their new collection a surfer-like feel. These pics don't show off some the tees & hats they're dropping but trust me their must buys!

Nike Air Griffey Max 1- Black/Freshwater

By far one of the releases im anticpating this year. I have yet to grab a pair of Griffeys, even though they are one hell of a shoe, so this would be a great way to start. Some subtle changes to this retro like the midole being taken up by black instead of the original white & the swoosh that once beared a red color now is freshwater(check the last pick to catch my drift). Overall a nice retro that doesn't take too much away from its original. No release date yet, but ill keep yall posted as soon as one surfaces.

Nike Zoom Kobe VII Sample

Oh the irony! I saw these as soon as the game was officialy over & I couldn't help but laugh... These are of course samples so anything can be changed. When some more detailed pics pop up ill def. have em on here for yall. Via: Sneaker News

Down Goes Fraizer!

The Lakers FINALLY got knocked out & out of all teams my Mavericks did the job! I got tired of sooooooooooooooo many people underestimating the Mavs & their heart, but I had faith. Not to mention Lakers fans are the 2nd worst fans in all of sports next to the Yankees & Red Sox. The only person who publicly had faith & said the Lakers would lose is Charles Barkley on TNT. Lakers fans just wont admit that they are just plain old & Kobe isn't the same anymore. I will be honest I do wish Phil Jackson could've went out in a better way other then being blown out by 30+ pints in his final game coaching. Now that that's over im looking for them to make major moves in the offseason to aquire Dwight Howard & others. All I can say is enjoy these three in purple & gold for as long as you can imo they wont all return next season.

Runaway Blogger!!!!

After damn near a year & a half(if im not misktaken) i've finally returned! Did ya miss me? Probably not, but its all love lol.. Now obviously I didn't have cold feet, honestly I just kinda took a break from the whole blogging thing I kinda got tired of it (I tend to go through phases). Anywho, im back & that's all that matters... Needless to say ALOT has went on since, but that's life. If you were a heavy viewer or barely even checked the blog out a appreciate you! Im back to talk about what I usually talked about(shoes, sports, clothing, technology, music, & whatever comes to mind or strikes my interest) so to new & old readers enjoy! & I promise yall that if I just decide to leave I will let you so yall don't be looking dumb like, "wtf this fool just not gone post anything?!