Sunday, May 8, 2011

Down Goes Fraizer!

The Lakers FINALLY got knocked out & out of all teams my Mavericks did the job! I got tired of sooooooooooooooo many people underestimating the Mavs & their heart, but I had faith. Not to mention Lakers fans are the 2nd worst fans in all of sports next to the Yankees & Red Sox. The only person who publicly had faith & said the Lakers would lose is Charles Barkley on TNT. Lakers fans just wont admit that they are just plain old & Kobe isn't the same anymore. I will be honest I do wish Phil Jackson could've went out in a better way other then being blown out by 30+ pints in his final game coaching. Now that that's over im looking for them to make major moves in the offseason to aquire Dwight Howard & others. All I can say is enjoy these three in purple & gold for as long as you can imo they wont all return next season.

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