Sunday, May 8, 2011

Runaway Blogger!!!!

After damn near a year & a half(if im not misktaken) i've finally returned! Did ya miss me? Probably not, but its all love lol.. Now obviously I didn't have cold feet, honestly I just kinda took a break from the whole blogging thing I kinda got tired of it (I tend to go through phases). Anywho, im back & that's all that matters... Needless to say ALOT has went on since, but that's life. If you were a heavy viewer or barely even checked the blog out a appreciate you! Im back to talk about what I usually talked about(shoes, sports, clothing, technology, music, & whatever comes to mind or strikes my interest) so to new & old readers enjoy! & I promise yall that if I just decide to leave I will let you so yall don't be looking dumb like, "wtf this fool just not gone post anything?!

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