Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Thoughts About College Hill South Beach

Well where should I start... How about the 1st espisode LOL. When I initially saw everyone my immediate favorites were Milan and Tiffany; Milan cause I love a girl that's a lil "stuck up" and Tiffany cause she just fine as hell!!! I think all the dudes will get along pretty well with the exception of Kyle cause he already blew up before they even reached the house.. I mean come on everybody can tell you gay so why make a big deal about it.. On to other things, the house is dope as hell!!!! Overall, the first episode was decent cause everyone still tryna get to know everyone before shit pop off.. Oh yeah as of now all the dudes in the house can forget tryna get a chick cause they all on Brandon LOL, which didn't suprise me, but hey I can't knock the game!!

On episode 2 that's when things started getting real freaky!!! Brandon was straight making his rounds and I can't blame him... Yo Terri is straight thirsty!!!! After the sex games she all on Brandon like he about to leave.. I think that she got attached too quick and it just didn't work in her favor. I will say that I like the way he flipped the game on her though by showing Tiffany some love the next day.. Overall, i'm glad College Hill is back cause i'm tires of all of these corny shows on T.V. Can't wait until next week!! Click HERE for pics of the 2nd episode.

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