Monday, August 3, 2009

Air Jordan XI- Space Jam 2009 Retro Packaging

Before it's all said & done, if you want these then most likely gonna have to camp out or pay a crazy overhead for em(just like the Yeezy's)!! Jordan is showing hella love to this release by even giving it it's own special box instead of the typical 1.. Like I said beofre these are going for $175 & will come in every type of shoe size, but will be LIMITED.. Release date is November, 27th so mark it down! If you wanna save yourself the trouble then you can pre-order em now for $250 @ VMV.

Via:Sneaker News

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  1. i wanted to pre-order but they're NOT in every size, i'm a size 6 and that website sells size 8 and up. :(