Wednesday, April 22, 2009

If You Are Wondering????

Why that lately there have been different pics at the top of the blog??? Weel it's cause i'm in the makings is a new picture that i'm desiging & i've been thinking really hard(hence the pic above)..I kinda got bored of the LV wings pic.. So in the meantime i'm just gonna put up cool stuff up there until the pic is complete.. Either that or random pictures of me LOL.


  1. maan i love your pictures. don't know why... can be bacause are fresh?! :D the Cudi mixtape is amazing (i think)... we talked so long ago. my newest entry is Pohotoshoot, so pls check it and write comment what u think about it. thanks bye

  2. take your time and i got my domain name from it only cost about $9.99 but they try to sell you a whole bunch of other things so watch if you ever decide to do it