Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Steve Harvey + Coach Carter= Chopper????

Me & the homie Richie Rich was watching this video and damn near died from laughter!!! This is Chopper(from making the band) talking trash to Ness(also from making the band).. Let me just say that we saw him @ at nearby mall not too long ago and he was looking bummy as F*#K!!! This guy had on some "evisu" jeans and a black label shirt.. Let's just say he kept the same fasion sense in this video.. Oh yea if you gotta weak stomach then fast foward through 10:54 to 11:20.


  1. i think he forget that he fell off the same bus ness did.

  2. Last month I 1st saw it & I didn't pay much attention to his words or this suit. But lately, I've been hearing people talk about it. I tried not laugh but idk. lol. It kinda reminds me of Tha Carter 3 suit. Lmao.