Saturday, April 25, 2009

In This Crazy World: School Shootings @ HBCU's?!?!?!

I was on Facebook around 2:00 a.m. (I know I have bad sleeping habbits) then I noticed that everyone in my Hampton network started changing their status' to "What's going on at Harkness?? People shot!!" and things like that.. Mind you I stayed in Harkness last semester so I asked someone on Facebook chat and the word is that someone walked into the dorm, shot the pizza delivery guy, the night manager(Mr.Logan), and then himself... I don't know if this is the official story, but i do know 3 people are shot... Man everything happens for a reason.. Now I see why I was at home this semester instead of back at Hampton.. When I find out what officially happened i'll let ya'll know, in the meantime my prayers go out to the three people that were shot... Below is a video from a local Virginia news station.. I'm just glad Harkness was represented well during the interview(shout out to my homeboy Jeremy.

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