Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gotta Show Some Love!!!

1st of all let me say I gotta respect Drique London's grind!!! You haven't heard of him yet, but i'm sure in time you all will.. He hails from North Carolina & even though that's a state not known for rappers wit cats like J.Cole & Drique London putting on it'll get it's recognization soon enough!!! I've heard some of his stuff & i'm impressed with his realness cause that's kinda rare in Today's rap game... Not to mention he has a mean shoe game & is a fellow sneaker lover!!! His latest mixtape called Nike SB(sound familiar??)drops pretty soon & when it drops i'm def. gone have it up so ya'll can check him out.. In the meantime you can check him out on his Myspace, Facebook, or his Blog.

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