Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nike Air Diamond Turf

Deion Sanders 1st signature shoe is making a comeback in 2010!!! Supposedly they're coming out in this OG colorway.. I personally have the blue/black colorway that retroed back in 2005 & I only paid about $75 for back in 08'(known fact: this shoe is the shoe that got me started in the shoe game) so it's kinda bittersweet to see it come back out now EVERYBODY is gonna have em :-/.. When detailed pis pop up imma post em up.Via:Nice Kicks


  1. all these new shoes coming out. how do you keep up with them?

  2. JAW congratulations (it's now not just ass lickin')... ur blog is already cool and i like the spike lee style :D now i renewed up my blog, so pls check it and write down your opinion! stay fresh boy